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Miscellaneous Services in Kazakhstan

Открытие компаний в Соединенных Штатах Америки

Kazakh Service Centre· поможет вам в открытии компании в США.

Вам не нужно быть резидентом США или иметь местный налоговый номер.

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Open Company in Kazakhstan & Trade and Commerce in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Service Centre offers full legal support in Kazakhstan and help to open any types of commercial entities in Kazakhstan.

Our legal consuls in Kazakhstan prepare ultimate list of the documents related to your future business in Kazakhstan. Kazakh Service Centre can guide you via apostille/legalization procedures of these documents at the relevant authorities of your country. Then, our Kazakh legal consuls can open the any types of commercial entities in Kazakhstan on your behalf in shortest timeframe.

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Kazakhstan Police Certificates

Often people, who used to live or work in Kazakhstan (as citizens of Kazakhstan or under a visa), need a Police Certificate from Kazakhstan (Certificate of Absence of Convictions in the Kazakhstan).
This Kazakhstan Police Certificate may be needed for immigration or work purposes. People can request such certificate from Kazakh Embassies or Consulates.
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